Art Attack Windsor

Art Attack Windsor is a project created to brighten up outdoor spaces through the usage of murals and installations.  By working carefully with artists, local organizations, and business owners Art Attack Windsor helps facilitate gorgeously uplifting pieces of art for the entire community to enjoy.

This project was started by local art-activist Jill Thompson who last year returned to Windsor after living in Toronto’s Parkdale/Queen-West area. Upon returning to Windsor, Thompson noticed a quite a few areas of the City that looked dull and drab so she solicited the help of local street artist Athena and was able to crowdfund enough money to commission 2 bold and bright murals in the downtown area.

It has almost been one year since Art Attack Windsor was formed and with the help of the Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative and generous donations from Downtown Windsor Resident’s AssociationDULUX Paints, an ACHF award, Pool’s by Angelo and the community, a total of 9 murals and one installation all by different local artists have been possible.

And the best is yet to come!